How to Work It:  A Publishing Workshop

Several years ago, I offered a three hour publishing workshop at my college for newbies who wanted to learn all they could about how to get published: where to send pieces/books and how to go about it, along with editing tips, tricks and pitfalls — i.e. the nitty gritty of getting into print.  The response was tremendous and since 2005, I have signed up students, teachers, hopeful writers, secret authors and those who toil diligently but have not yet taken the step to publishing.  Here is your chance! I can work with people who want trade publishing or academic publishing, fiction or non-fiction and poetry.

This 3 hour workshop for $350 includes:

  • Details on agents/editors
  • How to write a query letter/how to decide who to target
  • A list of online resources/how to avoid scams
  • My publishing story adapted to you
  • Magazines/Journals/Zines — paid and unpaid
  • Marketing/Publicity
  • Subscriptions/Insider Info
  • The book biz, soup to nuts
    —(no Romance/ limited Self-Publishing)
  • Personalized email help on your First Query Letter after the Workshop

I am offering this as an in-person (anywhere within an hour's drive of Boston) workshop specifically for you. We can meet in a coffee shop or at my college. Or this workshop is available in two parts on Skype. This doesn't involve my reading your ms. but imparting all my wisdom to you. I'll discuss your particular needs ahead of time so I can tailor this workshop to you.

First, you'll answer these questions and email them to me.

  1. What kind of writer are you?
  2. What genre/s do you work in and what is your writing process at this point?
  3. What kind of writing do you want to do?
  4. Have you had any work published? If so what? How did that occur (agent/publisher/hit-or-miss etc)?
  5. What do you want to publish?
  6. What are you hoping to gain from this workshop?
  7. What's most important for you to learn in three hours?

Then, we'll figure out a particular plan for you and set a date.  I'll need payment ($350) a week before the Workshop begins.   After you send me a check,  I will send you a packet of materials by email or bring them to you when we meet.  

My address at Middlesex Community College is 33 Kearney Square, Lowell, MA 01852.



►Jean Trounstine provides the exact information a writer new to the
business needs to know. Thanks to her thorough, direct and personalized
information, I can now develop a methodical, intelligent plan that helps
maximize the likelihood of my works' publication. And in a day and age
when distractions abound, understanding what not to do can be just as
important. I truly appreciate the clarity and focus that Jean provided.

  • Jared Blankenship, Kansas


►I thank Jean for presenting all of the useful information that she has learned through her publishing experiences and want her to know how very much I appreciate her willingness to share what she has learned. I liked her straightforward assessments and candid appraisals of markets, editors, agents, and the like! It was amazing to me how the time flew!

  • Ardella Montgomery, Professor, Massachusetts


►The publishing workshop was fantastic! I am SO motivated to
keep submitting now! Thank you!

  • Sofi Canavan, Student, Massachusetts